The modern web design process

Learn how a well-defined process translates to high-performing websites.

In this ebook, you’ll discover a 7-step process for designing successful websites:

  1. Setting goals to ensure that you and your clients/stakeholders understand what you're aiming for, how you're planning to achieve it, and how you'll measure success
  2. Defining project scope to aid communication and fend off the dreaded scope-creep
  3. Creating sitemaps and wireframes to help you and clients/stakeholders define your deliverables and how you'll present your content to the world
  4. Putting content first to lock down your messaging before you put pixels to screens and ensure the content properly informs the presentation
  5. Creating the visual design so you can go from low-fidelity artifacts to gorgeous gradients in style and confidence
  6. Final testing and review to ensure you're shipping at the highest levels of quality — and customers run into as few 404s as possible
  7. Launch successfully — and keep iterating afterward to ensure continued success

And, as a bonus, get a peek at How Webflow fits in the modern web design process.

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